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About us

Founded in 2014 by Ronald “Doc” Davis , RD2 Consulting provides elite instruction to today’s law enforcement professionals.

“Doc” has a Ph. D. in psychology with a focus on hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, stress, and Autism. After serving 4 years in the military and 20 years in law enforcement, he retired from the Boynton Beach Police Department as a sergeant in charge of their crime prevention unit. Additionally, he served as the team commander for both the hostage negotiation and critical incident stress management teams. Doc also taught undergraduate college courses for a number of years before deciding to focus on the law enforcement community’s training needs.

Our instructors bring together a unique blend of academic, military, and law enforcement experience, allowing them to provide theoretical instruction along with experience in practical applications.

With the focus on officer safety always being rule #1, we deliver instruction incorporating the latest information available from the field of law enforcement and adhere to the concepts of procedural justice.